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Welcome! I'm Colin:
I am a counsellor, psychotherapist and coach. My purpose is to improve people's lives & I achieve this through deep connection, insight and behaviour change

Available in Central London and Online

Therapy & Coaching provides support, guidance and clarity during challenging times, allowing us to experience profound life changes. However, finding the right therapist or coach for you can be a particular challenge. I invite you to shop around, ask any questions you like, and try booking a discounted 50 minute consultation.

Profound change occurs only when we have an intimate understanding of ourselves and our situation, find the capacity for deep and trusting relationships, and the courage to choose and walk the life of our making. I have worked with clients experiencing a wide range of difficulties:


Self Esteem


Limiting Beliefs


Central to the therapeutic process is the relationship between client and therapist; between me and you.


It is this relationship that forms the basis for understanding, exploring, and eventually transforming what you currently experience into your desired future. Therefore, it is vitally important that we both choose someone we feel a connection with, believe and trust.

So have a look around, poke, prod & inspect what you find. If you have a question, challenge, or suggestions, feel free to contact me using the form below



An opportunity for you to express yourself freely, in a genuine, confidential, and non-judgmental space. 

Learn to identify, express and explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour patterns.



Explore issues of your choice to achieve greater understanding and inner balance.

Discover the roots of your issues, make peace with the past, understand inner conflict.



Investigate possible options to help you make concrete & sustainable changes in your life.

Learn to set and hold healthy boundaries, or create a sustainable plan that you have chosen. 



Maintaining the changes you have made so the benefits extend beyond our working together.

Become your own internal therapist and soften the inner critic.

Therapy Sessions

Benefits of Therapy

My Approach

My approach is research-led and client-catered to ensure the most appropriate knowledge is applied to each unique individual.

Research shows that clients contribute the lion's share of therapeutic success (yep, that's you) and that no single therapy approach or technique is effective for all situations.

Combining multiple Psychotherapy modalities, with Coaching theory, allows me a plethora of skills and knowledge to facilitate psychological and behavioural change.

Most importantly, I provide a secure, authentic and confidential space for you to engage with what it means to be you. How often do we really find ourselves in a relationship where we feel truly seen, heard, and understood? 

Hi, I'm Colin.

I am an integrative Psychotherapist & Coach.

My goal is to enable you to unpack what is going on, discover your inner strengths, and develop a healthier mindset. Together, we can make sense of the recurring patterns in your life and overcome the obstacles holding you back.

Colin helped me to better understand myself and where I was in my life. Having a second pair of eyes (and ears!) really helped me gain clarity on my next steps.

George. S. Age 27

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