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Helping done differently...

I remember looking for my own therapist for the first time. Besides many other questions (will there be a couch? What IS Gestalt and do I need to understand it?!) the main thing I wanted to know is what we would be doing in sessions and how this will help. It seemed a mystery to me and one that no one could remedy. 

In its purest form talking therapies enable you to externalise your true self, with support instead of judgement, to explore your pain, possible futures and ways of connecting to yourself and others.

 How often do you really get the space to say exactly how you feel, without the responsibilities and obligations of family duties, friendships, or work commitments? Take a breath right now. Imagine it...

We will talk about you, and your life, as you experience it.

I ask you questions about your family, your past, and your relationships in order to get to know you. You can expect me to reflect back to you the key aspects of your story, allowing you the opportunity to review these themes from a novel perspective.


Sometimes, I will challenge you and this may be uncomfortable.


Getting help is not easy. Change can be uncomfortable. The rewards are most definitely worth it. There will also tears of joy and always a good sense of humour. I bring my complete self and give 100% to each and every session - I ask only that you do the same.




The therapeutic relationship is a safe, 100% confidential and genuine space for you to explore yourself and how you interact with others. 

Looking at how we interact in session aids understanding relationships outside of sessions. This insight prevents unhelpful patterns and cycles to continue. 

PAst, present, future


The past informs the present but does not have to determine it. Making sense of previous experiences, creating a new perspective, or simply accepting that things change, enable us to decide who we want to be in the present.

The future can also impact how we act in the present. Exploring what we truly want allows us to choose our present actions to align with these goals.

Helping people help themselves


By placing you in the centre of your story, we discover strengths and possibilities unique to you. Harnessing this knowledge tailors the process to you, ensuring any techniques or strategies we create are a perfect fit & can be taken with you into the future.





Our thoughts, emotions and behaviour are interlinked and impact one another. Raising awareness of this allows us to gain control in how we act, think and feel.

What is your internal monologue? Is a it a supportive or critical voice? Do you act in ways you sometimes don't understand?

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